Packaging 101

Good packaging is your last opportunity to turn a new customer into a repeat customer so why not try and make a good impression?

It may sound weird, but choosing the packaging for your business is definitely one of the most important decisions you will make for your brand.

Depending on how you want to position your brand should be your guideline for choosing what packaging you want to use.

Market research is always key so a tip would be to shop from a few of your favorite brands and see what they are currently do for their packaging.

If you don't want to spend money then go on YouTube and watch small business packaging compilation videos for some inspiration.

Sustainability is definitely at the forefront but there can be some confusion with all these words so let's define them.

biodegradeable vs compostable vs recycleable

The components of a package

Mailer  (outer)

- poly mailer
- bubble mailer
- box
- die cut box
- envelope
- rigid mailer
- tube mailer

protection (stuffing)

- bubble wrap
- popcorn
- air pockets
- kraft paper
- tissue paper

Promotion (seasoning)
- business card
- thank you card
- future discount
- freebie (sticker, pen, keychain, bag, etc.)
- confectionery
- tester (trial of another product)

- confetti
- ribbon
- scraps


- cello bags
- frosted zipper bags
- organza bags