10 Things to Do Before Launching Your Small Business


Before we start, I just wanted to say congratulations for taking the leap and launching your small business! No matter what industry you are jumping into, there is a lot of behind the scenes steps to launching a small business.

One thing for sure is that when you're starting a business, it's best to get organized from the start so it's ultimately easier (and cheaper) in the long run.

Not only does it make for smoother sailing, but it allows your business to grow and scale quicker.

While I'm sure a lot of people know the basics of starting a small business, there are a lot of little things you may overlook in the midst of your exciting new endeavor. Especially if you're doing it solo like I did!

10 Things to Do Before Launching Your Small Business

1. Secure social media handles with a consistent name

The build brand recognition, it's best to keep a consistent name across all platforms. Snagging your business name on all social media platforms early is key to avoid potential headaches later.

2. Apply for any necessary intellectual property.

Intellectual property involves everything trademarks, copyright, patents, trade secrets, etc. If you plan on growing your business outside of a hobby you should definitely protect your brand from being copied in the future.

Read post on trademarking

Brainstorm brand names and search global brand database: https://www.wipo.int/reference/en/branddb/


3. Always ask for samples if available and shop for quotes

4. Use ig stories to gain insight

The best way to find out what your potential customer want is to ask them what they want. The poll feature on IG stories is a great way to get feedback before committing to an idea.

5. Decide what kind of packaging you'll need and mailers you want to put in your packages: boxes, bubble mailer, poly mailer

Sometimes you can get so excited about your product that you forgot that packaging plays a big part in the overall experience as well. You definitely want to decide this before launching so you're not scrambling to order packaging or having to settle for generic Post Office packaging.

6. Build hype with pre-launch promo campaign


7. Get a business email


I've always read that it's best to get a professional email address for your business but I've seen a lot of businesses just get by with a gmail account.

8. Open a p.o. box

Even if your business doesn't do returns, it's still a good practice to have a P.O. Box to separate your personal and business life. 

9. Get a business bank account

Similar to the tip above, getting a separate business bank account is necessary to keep track of what your spending and not getting confused with your personal finances.

10. Automate as many processes as possible 

 As a solo entrepreneur. you're wearing many hats which can get extremely overwhelming trying to remember to do this and do that. Luckily, there are so many resources that allow you to automate pretty much every process in running an online business.